Enter a query and submit. Tap a tag to view it. You can start a search by tapping the magnifying glass in the lower right. Long-press the magnifying glass to clear the search.



Tap the funnel icon in the upper right to limit your search to Classic or Easy tags, or tags with sheet music or learning tracks.



When you're in a list of tags, you can navigate from within the tag view by tapping the up and down arrows. This makes it really easy to find the particular version of a tag in search results. It's also great for browsing popular tags or your own favorites.



When you find a tag you want to share, tell your quartet the id number in the upper left. They can type that id number into the search box and go directly to the tag.

id number


Tap the heart icon in the tag view to add it to your list of favorites.

favorite icon

Starting Pitch

For most tags, you can play a tone corresponding to the root of the key signature by pressing the oval in the lower left.

tone button

Flip Side

Tap the Flip icon in the upper right to flip to the back side of the page. There you'll find some details about the tag like the arranger. Tap the Flip icon again to return to the sheet music.

flip side


You can organize your favorite tags by adding labels to them. To create a new label for a tag, tap the Plus icon. Once a label has been created, it will show up as an option for each tag. To add an existing label to a tag, tap the label icon and it will turn solid. You can have up to 10 labels.


Side Menu

Once you've created some labels, they will show up under Favorites in the side menu. Tap the Hamburger icon in the top left to open the side menu, or swipe left from the left side of the screen.

side menu

Backup and Sync

You can backup your favorites and labels to the cloud, and also sync them across multiple devices. Tap Settings in the side menu, then the Sign in with Google button.

settings menu item
sign in with google button

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